Consensus on the choice of negotiators with the competent international institutions

4/10/2017 0:00

Extensive discussions at the table Institute of progress

BAGHDAD / Shokran Fatlawi

Recommended a selection of economy, finance and policy experts need to work on the selection and adoption of negotiators with international institutions, by the ministries, and the nomination of national qualifying teams enthusiastic, owners of expertise and competence and who are able to answer while asking them to questions by the authorities to bargain, especially the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, to be eligible to win the best sites in the international classification standards business environment, where he pointed out the financial adviser to Prime Minister Dr. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh during the seminar on the visit of the World Bank team end of this month to assess the business environment in the country in 2018, pointing out that he Tgarirgaih in importance.

That was the most important recommendations that were discussed during the seminar organized by the Progress Policy Development Institute and attended the "morning" and tagged "business environment in Iraq and the prospects for development" in the presence of Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister Dr. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh and after him by the President of the Union of businessmen willing Blibl, the executive secretary of the Iraqi Special Association in Iraq Tariq Ali with a large number of experts, businessmen and representatives of the banking sector.

The symposium was moderated by the President of the Institute d. Mehdi al - Hafez , who counted the business environment task for the development of the economic system in the country as they relate to business opportunities and levels, stressing the importance of the restructuring of the general economic construction and the empowerment of the private sector even plays an important role.

He said during his speech to amend the fiscal and monetary policy and the law of investment and the provision of public services , where he since 2003 was declared the trend is to set up far from the obstacles and restrictions on freedom of economic labor market economy, adding that it was not applied in full and satisfactory, and wondered at the same time about the possibility that the private sector is the role of leadership or continued, and on the basis of the answer can talk about the possibility of the negative impact or positive for this sector in the business and development environment for about a year.

Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister Dr. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh explained the reality of the business environment in the country , noting that the World Bank issued a report on the business environment for 190 countries around the world , relying on a set of criteria.

Saleh pointed out that the World Bank for the current year report 2017 included 10 criteria and on the basis of which is calculated by the success or failure of the country , revealing that the site of Iraq within the classification of the bank, was ranked 165 among the 190 countries, an improved one grade for the year 2016 and the business environment , one of the ten criteria .

And the financial adviser to the prime minister that there are eleven countries for the first centers ranked in this standard they possess stable institutions to enable them to easily start the registration of companies, while Iraq has dropped eleven degrees as a result of a material related to the conditions of women, which fall within the non - applicable laws since 1959 which were considered gender laws broken for women to participate in the business environment , according to international organizations, the report included several criteria , including dealing with the construction license, access to electricity, property rights for the drug registration, the protection of the rights of minority investors, paying taxes, and the Wallace Wa , including access to credit , where Iraq won 5 percent, the worst estimate.

As pointed head of the Iraqi businessmen Union Reza Ragheb Blibl that the country went after the year 2003 , the market economy, giving an important role for the private sector, but guidance "Bremer" has created damage and confusion of this sector, and thus sectors fell in the forefront of the private industrial sector , which is completely stopped .

Blibl to the formation of many committees to develop solutions and treatments for the problems facing the private sector resulted in production of 16 important strategy to activate the industrial sectors, but he also said the creation of a positive climate needs support, pointing at the same time to undermine the investment environment because of the laws and administrative corruption, pointing to the importance of take quick measures to review existing laws that some dating back to the former regime in order to create a positive atmosphere for the business environment in Iraq.

As invited the Executive Director of the Association of private banks in Iraq , Ali Tariq to find something of equality between the government and private banks in order to enhance the confidence of these banks and give them a chance greater contribution to the development, pointing out that the gain of 85 percent of the deposits are concentrated among five government banks and 15 percent, the more than 60 private banks, wondering how these banks to exercise their role without deposits.

On the other hand Tariq pointed to the presence of some of the failures of some private banks, but rates are very few, explaining that the deposit guarantee law had not been approved by the House of Representatives since 2010 , which led to the destabilization of confidence in the private banking sector.