Integrity: preventing travel of 400 including Ministers and deputies present administrator because of corruption charges

2017-04-10 at 11:08

Baghdad scales news

Hassan Al-yassiri, head of the integrity Commission, Monday, to prevent the travel of 400 including Ministers and Deputy Administrator sales prospects because of corruption charges, referring to refer to senior officials refused to reveal the financial liabilities.

Al-yasiri, said that "financial liabilities statement file was not of interest to the Commission in the past, because many officials who evade it, but in order to activate this file we sent an official letter to the Cabinet containing the body orientation take full legal action against those responsible for financial liabilities disclosed retarded, and following that was hauling a lot of senior officials to justice for non-disclosure disclosure statement, and the Commission proposal to the Premiership salary cut includes the administrator who does not reveal his pedigree "Financial," about the response, in the Council of Ministers and the Presidency reached 100%, but in the House amounted to 49%.

According to the daily dialogue (morning) official
He added, "she continued, officials began to apply the principle of" where did you get that? " And for the first time in the history of Iraq, was hauling the Deputy Prime Minister, and some lawmakers, Governors and members of provincial councils on because of inflated alamwalobad, launching some Klingon against the body, and the strange thing is that they do not speak to the media about their cases referred to the judiciary, but speak words to fight inaccurate body and confusion. "

He noted that "the commitment authority with the legal framework, and not to reveal names before completion of the investigation, comes to safety investigations and access to the full truth, and this commitment using him to abuse the body.

For example, mention that one of the officials suddenly began attacking his body, was amazed by this new attitude to this charge, but after the query from the investigation section of the body, showing that this official's son was involved in a corruption case involving forgery of instrument over six billion dinars, just open an investigation on it, seemed The body attacks the argument not to prosecute corrupt files.

And, that "there is text in the body code allowing them to take any action it deems appropriate against corruption, based on this, it produced a decision prevents the officials suspected of corruption suspects from traveling, covering 400 body in charge of including Ministers and deputies present, thanks to this decision began eliminating significant movement attests to resolve many outstanding issues".

There was a big problem facing the body, not knowing a lot, as most followers do not distinguish between the work of the Commission on the one hand and the judiciary on the other.

The body under the law your investigation completed corrupt files and sends it to the judiciary, implementation of warrants of arrest is not functioning, so that the Commission considered during last period at 12, 000 cases and forwarded to wipe nearly 9 000 cases and delay that gets you should ask about the judiciary, although the Commission did not leave the backlog, always directed inquiries to the judiciary.

One notable delays The arrest of the mischief lies in some actions, having directed the body charges for Ministers or senior officials in the State, and send the file, which may not take fast action to resolve them, calling the Ministry accused Minister opened an administrative investigation on the case, as it is known, the Ministry cannot transparent investigation for fear of the Minister, which makes case neglect or, as some cases are sent to the Office of financial supervision in order to audit and may delay it for months, and thus contributes Also in delaying resolving issues. "

Al-yasiri, said that "one of the deputies in the current session spoke of sending more than 18, 000 corruption case to the Commission, this is inaccurate, and after the query shows that the number of cases sent through not exceeding 44 cause and why is not transmitted with integrity."

He stated that "there is an urgent need for new legislation to enhance the fight against corruption where we found through work in the fight against corruption need to review or amend certain laws, in addition to enacting new laws, so we made the past 2015 2016 legislative revolution, where the Commission has prepared a draft of 15 laws, some are sent to Parliament and others have been sent to the Government of those projects, the draft law on the protection of witnesses and experts and whistleblowers, victims and the right of access to information Bill, added to the draft amendment to the code of criminal procedure, And draft amendment to the law on discipline of public servants and private sector, as well as modify the accountability and Justice Commission Bill, but there are considerable delays in the House of representatives regarding legislation or amend some laws that send.