Progress Institute assesses the symposium on the business environment and development prospects in Iraq
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Last updated 09/04/2017
- 14:29
Set up the progress of the Development Policy Institute a symposium entitled (business environment and development prospects in Iraq) in the presence of Prime Minister's Advisor Dr. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh Ragheb Blibl and Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Tariq Ali and a group of people interested in economic affairs

Initiated by Dr. Mahdi Al-Hafiz seminar, which was attended by "Economy News", to talk about ways to find solutions to outstanding problems in the process of the Iraqi banking sector

Speaking Acanutormzar Mohammed Saleh, business and reports on the site of Iraq which occupies the site 165 among the 190 countries environment, according to (the latest report issued by the International Monetary Fund) and adopts the standard btf (distance towards the border) in the assessment of countries by obtaining grades and applied to those Almaeijeraz consists of the standard of 10 standards, explaining that in Iraq has been applying the criteria and improve its position in the evaluation noting that despite the decline in Iraq's 11 points, but he improved his position more than the previous periods

He stressed Saleh, an important criterion which is getting the loan and financial credit With regard to financial inclusion
He pointed to the need to revisit the issue of loans and credit as Iraq got the center 181 among 190 countries within this standard

For his part, spoke Tariq Ali, the Iraqi banking sector and the subject of the credit process and the outcome noting the need to support private banks and the need for equality between the public and private sector
Regarding the Central Bank initiative on small and medium-sized enterprises between Tariq, said that the private sector did not get a proportion of which can support these projects

He called for the need for the opening credits to the private banks and also the need for a hand representing the sector in the prime minister to adopt the things that belong to him office or committee to deliver the voice of the private sector

He said Samir Nasiri that there is a problem in bank financing and the need to find solutions to these problems and the central bank's interest in this regard, which negatively affects the work of banks
He pointed to the revision of the general policy, stressing the need for private sector representation in the government and government agencies deliver voice also noted the absence of private sector participation in committees in the development of the economy

Participants in the symposium's recommendations came out of them, they should be representatives of the ministries to professionals in the discussions during the meetings with delegations and discuss the need to sell the currency in the window of the Central Bank during the subsequent seminars