US aerial landing in Syria frees hundreds of kidnapped Iraqis from the grip of Daesh
[Where - Baghdad]
US forces freed more than 500 kidnapped from terrorist gangs Qadh Daesh , mostly Iraqis, dropping off a US air in Syria
According to security expert Hashim Alhasha in his Facebook, and seen by all of Iraq [where] on Saturday, said that US forces carried out the aerial landing in an area controlled by the terrorist Daesh which released hundreds of Iraqi terrorists in prisons
Hashemi wrote that Anzala Joya Lilia was carried out by US special units together with Syria 's Democratic Forces composed of units Kurdish and Arab allies of Washington near the class area west of tenderness which is a stronghold of Daesh in Syria
"The operation resulted in the release of approximately 510 abductees most of them Iraqis who had been transferred in 2015 from Nineveh, Hawija, Salahuddin and Anbar."
It incurs terrorist gangs Daesh human and material losses after a large military campaign waged by the Iraqi and Syrian forces to cleanse the territory of the Conception of terrorist gangs located in the two countries.