The Commission affirms the provincial elections

Sunday 9 April 2017-02:10 m

Board of Commissioners Vice President in the Supreme Electoral Commission, abudi zawbai, UNHCR readiness of logistical, technical and administrative aspects, the provincial elections on schedule with the 16th of September next, noting UNHCR cut about 70% of the schedule without any impediments, particularly after the Federal Government funds to those elections.

During his llmrbed zawbai revealed about hiring two weeks ago with a Korean company to provide UNHCR with the electronic ballot box which works under counting across the scanner sends the results of the ballot once placed inside the box to the national counting master without the need for any human element.

This will help expedite the results of polls across the country in 3 to 5 hours, adding that it will enhance the work of the Office and end the need for manual counting and counting and who pays the Commission hires about 400 thousand employees so that they will not be hiring a number now, and are just relying on regular UNHCR staff, he said.

"We will be putting screens for observers and political entities candidate could note the gradual ascent cast directly through the tv channels, adding that shipment of ballot boxes to Iraq in 120 days through a technical team sent to Korea for that purpose.