Maliki confirms the need to get out of the central and local governments to enhance

05/29/2012 13:35:27

BAGHDAD (Iba) / follow up / .. Stressed Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on the need to strengthen the role of local governments in and out of the central metal including position to do its part in the development of conservation and development of services. and provide al-Maliki at the start of meeting of the Council of Ministers held in Mosul today, two proposals to support the provinces, spends the first to return the remaining funds of the budget to the the same province and added to the current year budget in order not to deprive the province of the funds allocated to them because of their inability to spend them as a result the security situation, while the proposal included the second allocation of all the budget to the provinces to take over the disbursement after deduction of the federal budget from them. He stressed that the Federal Government will support provincial and works to enhance their own capabilities to enable them to exchange its budget and financial management process of construction and investment. Maliki said it was time for the reconstruction of Nineveh, and fair provinces affected by terrorism. He explained: The Nineveh with a history major, and right out of the damaged severely as a result of terrorism, requires us to mobilize efforts to stand its side and starting the process of reconstruction, services and ease the suffering of the citizens who are waiting to see the movement of construction and services, that have already started, and will see the citizen and groping their effects in the near future. He continued to focus on the security aspect during the last stage causes delay of services and hampered the process of construction and reconstruction, the time has come for the start this process. attended the meeting, the governor of Nineveh Ethel Najafi and senior officials of the province and some officials of political parties and political entities in the governorate. (end)