State law confirms that the US strikes in Syria will affect "negatively" on Iraq
1 hour ago

Considered MP for a coalition of state law Firdaus al-Awadi, on Friday, that the strikes launched by the US military at a military airport Syrian it will affect "adversely" on Iraq, while suggesting that the bombing proved that the chemical strike, "accused" by the Syrian regime, "it is only as a pretext to change the equation in the Middle East. "

Said Al-Awadi said in a statement, "The US strike aggressive Syrian positions will negatively affect the progress of the fighting in Iraq, and will re Daesh to the fore strongly," arguing that "the American aggression against the Syrian people, confirms that America still take Daesh tool and a pretext to intimidate people. "

Al-Awadi added, "This American aggression on Syrian positions, proved that the chemical strike, which was accused by the Syrian regime, it is only a pretext to change the equation in the Middle East to weaken Russian influence and change the world map and bring it back to the power of unipolar".

Al-Awadi and warned of "the application of this scenario in Iraq, too," noting that "America can not give up Daesh which was the pretext that America is back through to the Middle East and try to occupation in another way."

Al-Awadi promised, that "the results of this scenario is to restore its military presence in Iraq strongly in addition to working as it moved us to build permanent military bases."

The US military launched at dawn on Friday .59 of a missile Tomahawk model of destroyers of the US Navy at the military airport capillaries (Ttiyas), southeast of the city of Homs, central Syria.

US President, Donald Trump announced that Syrian forces have used this airport "to launch an attack of chemical weapons" in the province of Idlib days ago, he said. The Pentagon also claimed the presence of chemical weapons at the airport.