The stock market announced a decline in the prices of shares traded by (9%) for the last month

Thursday, April 6, 2017 01:11 pm
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BAGHDAD / The Iraqi market for securities, Thursday, the decline in the prices of shares traded during the last month because of the impact of the fall in the prices of companies traded in the market, especially the banking sector, pointing out that the decline amounted to (9%) in March compared to February For the current year.

The Executive Director of the market Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam said in a statement received by "Iraq News", that "the Iraqi market for securities organized in March 2017 (21) trading session in the regular market and (16) meetings in the second market, (97) companies. The number of listed shares reached 9.734 trillion shares, while the number of companies traded on the market reached 66 companies.

Abdul Salam said that "the shares of (17) companies were not traded for lack of conformity with the request while the number of companies suspended from trading under the decisions of the Securities Commission (14) companies."

On the number of shares and their values, Abdul Salam said that "the number of shares traded for the last month reached (67.193) billion shares, where the focus of trading in the financial transfer sector by 6%, followed by financial investment by 3.5% and services sector by 1.4% Less than (1%) ".

He added that "the value of shares traded for the month of March amounted to (48.402) billion dinars, compared to last month, it has declined most indicators of trading in March 2017 for the decline of large transactions during the month, along with a decline in prices of shares traded by (9%) Shares of traded companies, especially in the banking sector, the telecommunications sector, the industrial sector and the hotel and tourism sector.

In terms of foreign investors trading, the total number of shares sold to non-Iraqis reached 381 million shares through 318 transactions valued at JD 654 million of the shares of 15 listed companies. Of non-Iraqi investors (1,784) billion shares were executed through (442) sale transaction amounted to (5.735) billion dinars of trading shares (12) listed companies.

"The index of shares prices closed at the end of March 2017 at (664.46) points, down by (9.58%) compared to its value in the close of the month of February (734.84) ​​points and recorded the highest rise in the month at 1 / (730.83) points and the lowest decline when it closed at (664.46) points at 30/3/2017 session. Finished 2