What is the price of oil to balance the budgets of 14 crude exporter?


Fitch said the ratings to Kuwait is the best State among oil exporters in the price of oil in the Government budget balance during the year.

The Agency said, through a report Wednesday that Kuwait needs an oil price at $45 a barrel; to support higher production, increased investment income expected from the sovereign wealth Fund.

And came in second to Qatar (51 dollars), then the Congo ($ 52), UAE ($ 60) and Iraq ($ 61), Azerbaijan ($ 66), Gabon (us $66)
The report included 14 oil exporters in the Middle East, Africa and emerging markets in Europe.

Fitch Agency had anticipated average oil price to 52.5 dollars per barrel this year.

By contrast, Nigeria in last place in the General State budget balance, where you need to access a barrel to $139 to realize the principle of "equivalent", followed by Bahrain (84 dollars), Angola ($ 82), Oman ($ 75) and Saudi Arabia ($ 74), Russia ($ 72), Kazakhstan ($ 71).

Fitch report said that despite economic reforms that reduced government support Nem, reducing the value of the currency, the 11 oil exporters will not be able to register a balance in the budget this year.