Basra Petrochemical Factory Is the beginning of the rehabilitation of other plants and away from the specter of stagnation and excessive imports

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The rehabilitation of production plants in Basra and return to work, as long as called for specialists in the economic affairs of Iraq, and warned repeatedly of stagnation and stop in those plants produced in the event of its operation will benefit the provinces and the country in general, and the factories of Basra produced recently rehabilitated is also still some size Resulting in the equivalent of their potential and financial revenues in the event that it worked full capacity, which requires more attention to them.

After the rehabilitation of the petrochemical plant, which was allocated to the amount of 7 billion and 500 million dinars by the Ministry of Finance, local officials in the province of southern Basra are good prospects to contract to rehabilitate other productive plants in the province, but they see on the other hand, To more than 7 billion dinars for rehabilitation, but they also fear the personal import, which was and still stands behind the disruption of national production, while specialists prefer privatization of laboratories as this step is to absorb unemployment and turn them into productive hands, which will contribute to Nash Iraqi economy.

"We have important projects in Basra for the rehabilitation of the petrochemical plant, which was allocated about 7 billion and 500 million dinars by the Ministry of Finance, to buy chemical materials for the purpose of operating the plant line," says the head of the industry committee in the provincial council of Basra, The Ministry of Finance has recently announced that it has signed a contract to rehabilitate the iron and steel plant on March 1, but the paper factory did not announce the investment due to lack of feasibility study.

The petrochemical plant is one of the largest factories in the province of Basra. The factory employs about 4,650 employees, most of them engineers, technicians and administrators. However, it is suspended from production. The same applies to other government plants in the province, most notably the iron and steel plant.

Spoiled by adding, saying that the economic situation today is encouraging the rehabilitation of laboratories and the achievement of national production serves the province and the country in general, but it is to confirm the presence of bodies and personalities not named, do not encourage the return of the work of these laboratories, as they are personally benefiting from the process of import from outside the country Affected and affected the national production, which contributed to delay the rehabilitation projects of some laboratories in Basra, calling for: to activate investment in those factories and the establishment of factories with the private sector, and this prevents import and do the role of national industry, which reflects positively on the national income of the country.

The federal budget law requires the federal ministries and governorates and non-associated parties to purchase their products from the ministries of the federal, provided that the added value of these products collected and manufactured (25%) of the import cost of added value, and that the prices of local products are not higher than Imported by more than 10%, taking into consideration the specifications of quality and quality.

The head of the Basra Chamber of Industry, Majid Rachk, confirms in an interview with (the extent) that "the industrial sector today in the country has a large role, and should focus attention to him more seriously, especially after the fall of oil prices in the recent period and significantly, Industrialization and dependence on it as an economic development of the country, noting: that a number of laboratories were established by the private sector, but did not find government interest to them as marketing their product, which led to the interruption, at the time that there are investors, expressed willingness to cooperate with the government side to run production plants, but they ran my administrative procedures A discouraging bureaucracy to invest, which delayed the movement of this wheel and move forward. "

Rushk stresses that the operation of the lab and the national production back to the forefront in the Iraqi economy, must contribute to economic development and even end the problem of unemployment, which affected the youth visually and strikingly, and reflected on the income of families, which exacerbated the proportion of poverty in the province, which is not We hope that it will last, we stress and reiterate that the elimination of unemployment, which we consider a lie, because the solution lies in the operation of laboratories and conversion from the loser to the producer, which is imperative to raise the economic situation of the country, so we hope after the restart of some laboratories to be seriously considered rehabilitation All Basra plants to reach full i Time productivity.

The city of Basra has several production plants, the most important of which are the petrochemicals, iron and steel plants, paper mills and fertilizers, where the nerve is the basis of the industrial sector and the economy of the country, but at the same time it faces a big crisis in the issue of non-operation, Which requires the need to re-operate, at a time that includes the province of several factories and government laboratories, may be the most important and largest factories paper, petrochemicals, fertilizers, iron and steel, but the absence of government support, and the growth of imports without the control of strict quality, Yale laws supporting national industries contributed to stop most of those facilities.