Contradictory reports on the visit of the delegation of Kurdistan to Baghdad

24/10/2011 | (Voice of Iraq) Twilight News at the time picked up some of the media news of postponement of the upcoming visit of the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government headed by its President Salih next week, he members of the coalition of Kurdish blocs, Monday, that The delegation will visit this evening or tomorrow, Tuesday. This comes at a time revealed the news reports Kurdish that the government delegation of Kurdistan will be submitted to Baghdad early next week. The MP said the coalition of Kurdish blocs good fight in a statement to "Twilight News" that "the government delegation of Kurdistan headed by Barham Salih, is scheduled to arrive today to Baghdad, and there is talk of a tendency to members of the delegation to Baghdad, but that Dr. Barham Saleh, located in the Jordanian capital Amman, the head of a delegation of the province to participate in the Davos economic. " The "Davos" of the Sixth International has opened last Saturday at the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center at the Dead Sea in Jordan with the participation of more than 800 personal and decision-makers from government organizations and various civil representing 50 countries, under the theme "Economic growth and job creation in the Arab world," and discusses the economic situation and development in the Arab world light of the developments and political changes in the region, with a focus on stimulating economic growth and job creation. For his part, MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs Saman Fawzi told the "Twilight News" "The delegation of Kurdistan will reach Baghdad at the earliest opportunity, after the visit of the provincial government Barham Saleh of Oman and his participation in the Davos conference and meetings with a number of presidents and leaders, political figures and the Arab economic and global on the sidelines of this conference. " Fawzi said, "The delegation of Kurdistan to talk with Iraqi officials, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, to find a joint mechanism and determine the time limit appropriate to address the the outstanding problems between the two sides, "adding that" discussions will be based on previous agreements signed between the two sides. " and by Fawzi expressed his optimism about the outcome of the visit by saying that "it is expected to be for this visit positive results," adding he was "not necessarily address all the existing problems between the two sides, but will go positive steps forward. " He said his optimism stems from the "The delegation's political Kurdistan Region during his visit to Baghdad three weeks ago and meeting with all parties involved, especially the Iraqi National Alliance and one of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and other parties, came to the conclusion that All parties concerned have expressed their commitment to the Iraqi constitution and the previous agreements signed between them and the side of Kurdistan. " He noted that "the delegation of Kurdistan high-level visit to Baghdad after the successful visit." and repeat Fawzi said he was "not necessarily have to be processed all the existing problems, but will be Progress positive steps in this regard, "stressing that" there is no new agreements entered into with the federal government would be limited to the dialogue on the implementation of previous agreements and mechanisms of implementation. " and on some of the measures taken by the Iraqi government in the section time that precedes the arrival of the delegation of Kurdistan government and hold dialogues attempt a flag-lowering Kurdistan in the disputed areas Fawzi said, "is a flag-lowering Kurdistan has been taken by the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki also made ​​clear on previous occasions, but it was issued by the official at the Federal Ministry of Interior for the police chief of Khanaqin," noting that "the coalition of Kurdistan expressed his opinion in this matter as a not appropriate in its timing. " He said Fawzi said that "this is possible handling dialogue quiet and respect the will of the people of the area," explaining that "all things can be addressed through constructive dialogue and transparent for the benefit of all parties."