Planning to take a number of recommendations and decisions related to economic affairs

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Economy News / Baghdad ...

The Ministry of Planning, on Thursday, taking a number of recommendations and decisions related to economic affairs in the country.

According to a ministry statement seen by the "Economy News", that "the Committee during its eighth lifted a recommendation to the Council of Ministers to consider the possibility of reduction is possible by the discount amounting to 5% of the value of bonds by the government banks to contractors under the financial dues."

The statement added that "the Commission decided to entrust the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance to follow up and address the issue of granting clearance when check the deduction of the tax amount owed by contractors by the department or the contracting with the contractor."

The Committee confirmed the statement said, "the implementation of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 40 for the year 2016 included postponing the payment of accrued interest on loans companies and contractors resulting Bzmmanm account of government banks until the easing of the financial crisis."

The Committee agreed "to grant exceptions requested by the Independent Electoral Commission, which would enable the Commission to accomplish the tasks assigned to it, as well as the approval of the granting of the Ministry of Commerce to negotiate and direct contracting with the Iraqi - Vietnamese company to provide material rice within the ration card items."