Contractors choice Arabs Iraq Reconstruction Fund Member

2017/4/5 16:59


Board members decided to fund reconstruction of areas affected by terrorist attacks in Iraq chose the Arab Contractors Federation headed by Baadshah as a member of the Advisory Board of the Fund.

He said Zayed Al-Otaibi Arab Contractors Union Secretary General said at a news briefing today that "terrorist operations affected areas in Iraq including Mosul, Ramadi, Kirkuk, Salahuddin, Diyala, North Babylon, a belt of Baghdad, noting that the Fund would discuss the devastation of these areas as well as projects for reconstruction and the methods and formulas that you see donors and lenders.

Otaibi said he received a letter from the Iraqi Cabinet procedures will be taken through official contacts with it and would do his best Union to serve the public good, considering it an opportunity for construction companies to rebuild affected areas, Arabic and Arabic companies are given the opportunity.

Otaibi, stressed that "these projects are a good business opportunity for Egyptian construction companies due to its considerable expertise in many fields."

Contractors were the Arabs had received many nominations help rebuild many stricken countries due to see Union and experience in reconstruction and strategic planning to the construction sector.

Zekoan, engineer Zuhair yolk Iraqi contractors Association Chairman-branch Nineveh, that Arab Contractors Union President and Board members and the Secretariat and the Office of the Union headed by Zayed Al-Otaibi is excellent scientific strategic planning to the construction sector in the Arab world since ancient studies results from the Union of Arab contractors.

Fund resources will depend on Iraq's federal budget allocations and allocations granted to countries, including 4 billion dollars from the World Bank loan and 50 million euros from Germany.