Justice and Justice discuss mechanisms of amnesty

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Baghdad / Range

Supreme Judicial Council Chairman Faik Zaidan discussed with the Minister of Justice Haider Zamili the law of amnesty and its enforcement mechanisms, while the reform department released more than 1,300 inmates last month.

The prime minister criticized the amnesty law days after it was passed. He described the parliament's additions as "criminal".

On August 25, the House of Representatives approved the amnesty law, which included all those sentenced to death and other penalties, and excludes 13 categories of crimes, including: the terrorist crime that resulted in permanent killing or disability, human trafficking crimes and all that fall under the heading of "captivity".

The law also excluded kidnappings, which resulted in the death of the abductor or the unaccounted for, perpetual disability, rape crimes, smuggling of antiquities and money-laundering offenses.

And threatens a special paragraph of the crimes of "kidnapping" pass amendments to the amnesty law, after the differences have shrunk to only one article, where the dispute prevails over this paragraph, between the parliamentary blocs, without reaching a majority Clear.

A statement from the judicial authority received a copy of it yesterday that "the President of the Supreme Judicial Council Judge Faik Zaidan received in his office today Minister of Justice Haider Zamili and the delegation accompanying him," noting that "the meeting discussed ways of coordination and cooperation between the courts and the Ministry of Justice and maintain communication between them , As well as the amnesty law and its enforcement mechanisms. "

In a related context, the Department of Reform of the Ministry of Justice announced its monthly position on the number of those released last March.

"The number of released from ministry prisons during the last month was 1336, from the ministry's prisons in Baghdad and the governorates, including 114 women and 1222 men," a ministry statement said.

The Ministry of Justice confirmed that "the Department of Reform has made great strides in the field of release operations with the implementation of the electronic supervision system, which allows the possibility of determining the ending of their judicial rulings of the inmates and contribute to the resolution of their files according to the legal period set for the launch At peace ".