Arbil, the third meeting held today and the expectations of an expanded meeting tomorrow...

Erbil / Orr News
A source close to the President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani Erbil today that the meeting will discuss the response of the National Alliance on social Erbil and Najaf. The most likely source Kurdish politician: "to hold a new meeting after this meeting, and includes all the leaders of Iraq, including the leaders of the National Alliance," without giving further details.The head of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, the two leading figures and Osama Saleh al-Najafi had arrived in Erbil yesterday.It is expected that the city of Arbil today or tomorrow, a new meeting of the leaders of the meeting, the five-to discuss the political developments in the country, as suggested, political sources includes meeting quintet also political blocs and the other from outside the political process in order to shape critical decisions the country out of the dark tunnel that is living now. "Kurdish sources said that "all options are open. And previous messages to the leaders of social Erbil and Najaf to the National Alliance was clear for quick action to implement the demands of those meetings, which included leaders of various shades of the Iraqi people."