A military source: besieged Baghdadi in Mosul and near the end

History of edits:: 2017/4/2 19:22

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} a military source said early on Sunday that security forces are likely to be Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the terrorist gangs Daesh occurred in the siege in Mosul and its end came close.

The source said that "what is likely to conclude the Iraqi military, infiltration attempt Aldoaash ten days ago in a convoy of vehicles quad payment backed by a few tanks to the Iraqi city of Tal Afar , near Mosul from Syria."

He added, " The terrorists tried to decipher the ring referred to followers of them trapped in Tal Afar, in order to serve in the event of the success of their plan to strengthen their abilities to march on Mosul."

He pointed to "enable the popular crowd forces from the liquidation of all those who were in the convoy mentioned Aldoaash mentioned, while likely Our analysts to be the purpose behind trying to infiltrate terrorists into Tal Afar and then Mosul, the evacuation of the remaining leaders in Daesh there, or save Baghdadi himself, especially and we do not rule out its presence in Mosul. "

The source did not enslave be Baghdadi wounded in Mosul after the bombing of the gatherings "Daesh" on the Syrian - Iraqi border recently.
The airline Air Force, was killed last Friday 200 terrorist gangs Daesh infiltrated from Syria to the west of the city of Mosul.

According to a statement to the media war, he received {Euphrates News}, "based on the information of the General Directorate of Ostbart and security, carried out the Hawks Air Force several air strikes resulted in the destruction of three nests and clusters of elements Daesh terrorist and killed nearly {150 to 200} terrorists entered from Syria to Baaj district south west of Tal Afar , ".anthy