Association of private banks out new banking cycle as part of its ambitious plan for human Ttaiwiralamward in Iraqi banks
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Last updated 02/04/2017
- 11:07
Concluded in Mqrrabotth Iraqi private banks in Baghdad training course on the subject of (universal banking operations) with the participation of 96 employees in various Iraqi banks.
The organization of this session by the Iraqi Association of private banks in the training Atarkttha human ambitious Ttaiwiralamward operating in Iraqi banks, which included so far more than 600 employees.
Participants at the session of the three-day theoretical lectures on how to improve the banking work so as to enhance citizens' public banks confidence and contribute to the fight against money laundering and terrorism, as well as access to all activities of cognitive banking pertaining to their work, including raising the Iraqi banks level to the ranks of advanced banks in the world
In his speech to the graduates reviewed the President of the Association of private banks and depositary Handal Association plans in the field of training of human resources in Iraqi banks since its inception before Nhuaamin, experts and lecturers Astkdamha Arabs and foreigners in different terms of reference of the banking business.
He Handal success of the Association in this area as evidenced by their access to many of the encouragement and praise from the Iraqi, Arab and foreign bodies certificates, the last representative of the US Treasury in Iraq / John Sullivan / who presented during his visit to the headquarters days before the medal / John F. Kennedy / which are usually given to establishments initiative and organizations that provide a success and distinct.
He noted that Handal Doralrabotth in the field of training Sestmroetazz, in order to supplement the workers in the Iraqi banking sector with all the required skills,
The Chirtgarergsm Training Association to the success of these courses and workshops that number reached during the first quarter of 2017, eight in various financial and banking terms of reference, in the forefront of the workshop workers on commercial fraud involving 20 judges dedicated to these crimes from the resumption of the Rusafa Court, also intends to link the organization a similar course for twenty judges Akharvi the subject of money laundering and combating Alarhabaqraba in the framework of cooperation and coordination with the judiciary in the fight against crime in its various forms.
The aspiring Association to achieve a record in organizing training courses with the end of this year, in Atarkttha ambitious banking and industrial modern Tazizmvhom, and exploring the banking Doralaml in the development of the national economy and achieve sustainable development, and upgrading the level of workers in this sector within the strategy of awareness comprehensive include all private banks and the government.
The training plan adopted by the Association for the current year, which aims in 2017 to keep up with technical banking and scientific developments in the world, including Aazzthagh citizens in banks, and contribute to encouraging them to deposit cash savings in, and contribute to speed up the implementation of Aqrartotin employees' salaries in private banks a decision passed by the Central Bank of Iraq
It is noted that the association has seen after a Njazparwa new Ttaiwirmqrha in Baghdad early this year a qualitative leap in training services in the various terms of reference of the banking business, especially in the area Almkhatralamsrvih management and compliance with international banking rules and anti - money laundering and terrorism Baattabaralajerimthel main concern for all banks in the world at present .