Deputy for the National: refused to take down the flag of the province of Kirkuk, the Iraqi state's disregard for
[Oan- Baghdad]
promised an MP for the National Alliance, Firdaus al - Awadi, the Kirkuk Provincial Council refused to respond to the will of the Iraqi parliament to reject and prevent the flag of the Kurdistan region over the buildings of official institutions in Kirkuk is a disregard for the Iraqi state As she put it .
Said Al - Awadi said in a statement today, the agency received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, This rejection is the lack of recognition of formal and respect for diversity demographic in the province and to exploit the current conditions in which they live by the country* and an attempt to impose a fait accompli."
She added, "This rejection of an attempt to stir up sedition in Kirkuk and stirring national conflict , which will not only lead to a loss of all of them and the same region , which will be the biggest loser."
And considered al - Awadi, "rejection is a major embarrassment for the government to take a firm binding position to install the prestige of the eyes and the hearts of the Iraqis who follow the implications of this matter."
Al - Awadi , the region and called for " to obey the opinion of the Iraqi people, and said" the duty of the Kurdistan region , the local government of Kirkuk and the duty of partnership commitment and obey the will of the Iraqi people through his representative parliament lowered the flag region of all buildings of government institutions in the province and otherwise, things will go into a dark tunnel " . It is
noteworthy that the Kirkuk Provincial Council, voted to boycott Aleda Arabs and Turkmen in the last March 28 asked the governor Najm al- Din Karim fly the flag of the Kurdistan region , along with the Iraqi flag on government buildings to maintain, while the Iraqi parliament issued on Saturday, a decision to counter Panza For knowledge of the region and raising the Iraqi flag only in Kirkuk.
It declared the Kirkuk Provincial Council, the House of Representatives not to implement the decision, the head of the provincial council Ribawar Talabani decision as "unjust" against the Kurdish people , "stressing that" the province continuing to raise flag of the Kurdistan region. "