Joint Operations announces the killing of 25 terrorists to destroy Daesh camp in the island area

Baghdad: Euphrates News - Joint Special Operations Command announced the killing of 25 terrorists, including suicide bombers destroyed the camp gangs Daesh in an air strike in the area of the island province of Salah al-Din.

According to a statement of the cell media war received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today for the leadership of joint operations to say “after Daesh guerrilla terrorist received painful blows at the hands of invalidation in our security forces are trying to find a foothold here or there , but the men of Iraq , the brave lookout for them where planned elements Daesh defeated to carry out a terrorist operation in the district of Samarra , against the visitors Askariyya peace be upon them, and equipped {12} suicide and {4} wheels bomb led by the offender called {Abuabd Rahman} and through accurate follow – up to the cell falcons intelligence to the whereabouts of Daesh in the area of the island has been monitoring Added movement Existing data and camp training there. ”

“And after depending on God , the Air Force planes, according to the intelligence hawks of the Interior Ministry cell information and in coordination with the leadership of joint operations to destroy this camp , in addition to the additives where suicide bombers exist was completely destroyed.”

He continued , “as the operation resulted in the killing of 25 terrorists inside thecamp, and died 15 others added , including 10 suicide bombers, and intelligence sources confirmed that the most prominent dead in this Almqpourin process , the so -called official with the state of Salah al – Din aka {Dujana} and the commander of theso – called Balangemasin supervisor the Battle of Samarra , the criminal {Abu Abd al – Rahman}. “ended