Tomorrow .. Kurdish delegation to Baghdad to discuss the separation

Baghdad -Journal News - The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) announced a joint delegation to Baghdad on Monday to discuss the secession.

The two political offices of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, on Sunday, an urgent meeting to discuss the question of the referendum and the independence of the Kurdistan Region.


BGG ~ They can discuss this all they want. In fact, they have been for years... they are going to need international support for such a move, I don't see them endearing themselves to anyone with this move. In fact, I highly doubt this is anything more and posturing for a better short-term deal. They know Abadi needs their support against the Maliki/Iran/PUK alliance. What they better do is make nice with Abadi. If they don't watch out Iran and the PUK could turn the tables on them (the KRG, that is...).