Abadi supports the survival of US bases in Iraq and the militias threaten them

Baghdad - The US bases in Iraq raise a wide debate among the various political blocs, parties and religious groups that they view as a threat to their existence and threaten their political and military future, especially after the increasing number of US military bases in Iraq. Over the past three years following the invasion of Da’ash , The country since the middle of 2014. And then signed a military agreement with the Government of Kurdistan of Iraq to build five bases in areas under the control of the region, a base near Sinjar, and in the areas of Atrush and silk, in addition to the bases of Halabja in the province and another in the province of Sulaymaniyah and AltoA bridge in Kirkuk, according to leaks of Iraqi politicians.

After the entry of “Daash” the United States returned quietly to Iraq through these forces, while the western region of Anbar and Salahuddin will be a yard for the presence of American bases, where the bases of “Ain al-Assad” in the district of Baghdadi and “Habbaniyah” in Anbar military bases, following the control of the organization “Daesh” on most of the province’s cities in 2014.

In Salahaddin province, Washington is taking the base of Balad air base for the launch of the “F-16” and targeting the organization of Daqash, as well as the presence of US forces in the Taji camp north of Baghdad for the purposes of logistical support and training and military advice.

The former member of the House of Representatives and researcher in international relations Omar Abdul Sattar, the construction of a new US base in the Mansuriya area in Diyala province, which is not announced so far and will be designed to protect “Iraq after the urging,” he said.

He added that the intensive presence of US bases in Iraq comes to prevent the expansion of Iran in the region, which is the policy of US President Donald Trump, which will use Iraq as a starting point for that policy because of its proximity to Iran and benefit from the existence of an organization calling for the intensification of the American presence in Iraq , As well as its proximity to the regional environment that is fearful of Iran and its constant interference in the internal affairs of the Arab countries. “

He stressed that America was forced out of Iraq in late 2011 under pressure from Iran and many other factors, because the latter resisted America in Iraq by various means, predicting that “after the completion of the liberation of Nineveh province will be repeated experience of the Kurdistan region throughout Iraq, because America considers Iraq model in the East Middle East, and therefore will not allow Iran and others to control it, and will transform the country from a central to a federal system. “

He also considered that the presence of US bases in the western provinces aims to prepare for a new reality and the formation of a political and security structure of those provinces that need to confront the Iranian expansion using militias.

In the view of the MP from the Committee on Security and Payment Representative Shakhwan Abdullah, that the survival of US forces or not in Iraq, depends on the serious threats to Iraq, and the extent of the Iraqis agree on the principle of satisfaction of all to receive the security file, and still the atmosphere of Iraq, however, the United States and other things that the States The United States a large role in it, because there is a strategic agreement between Iraq and the United States occurred before the departure of US forces to Iraq. “

He added in a statement that “we hope that after the elimination of the preacher that the security services can maintain the internal security file in order to dispense with any presence of foreign forces on Iraqi territory.”

In the same context, the US Department of Defense revealed that the United States increased its troops in Iraq to 3,870 soldiers to strengthen the functions of training and provide advice and guidance to Iraqi forces in the war against a sympathetic organization.The Pentagon said last month that the number of US troops in Iraq had reached 3,870 troops, adding that Washington is likely to continue sending more troops to Iraq.

The US Defense Secretary James Mattes called last week to keep US troops in the country even after the defeat of “urging” for the emergence of “terrorist groups” again. Although confirmed by Prime Minister Haider Abadi, Iraq needs a few troops after completing the stage of ” “And the liberation of Mosul, but the cries of rejection of the survival of US forces is rising from time to time where the spokesman for the militia,” Asaib Ahl al-Haq “Naim Aboudi, that the survival of US forces need to be approved by the Parliament in accordance with international laws, and must vote the House of Representatives, That the popular demand and perlManny pours the whole resistance to the survival of those forces with fixed bases in Iraq after the liberation of Mosul, because it exceeded the law and the Iraqi constitution.

Most factions threaten to target US forces despite the approval of the Iraqi government, as the leader of Asaib Ahl al-Haq Qais al-Khazali threatened to kill American soldiers during their presence in the liberation of Nineveh province.Commenting on the threat, former US intelligence officer Michael Brigant told Fox News that “orders and threats from militias would fuel fighting with US forces again.”

For his part, MP for the National Alliance Mohamed Chihod, where he considered the survival of US troops or advisers in Iraq after the defeat and defeat “Daash” has no justification or legal justification or legitimate and Abadi’s statements on this subject unacceptable and unacceptable.

He also called for deputies in the Iraqi parliament, Prime Minister Haider Abadi to attend the House of Representatives to clarify the reality of the US military presence in the country, after receiving information on the arrival of additional troops to several bases in the country.