This is the latest battle in Mosul

Baghdad Journal News - The joint operations announced on Sunday the continued progress in the Al-Matahan and Al-Remok district on the right-hand coast of Mosul.

“The joint forces are advancing from all directions to the Al-Matahen and Al-Yarmouk neighborhoods of the Federal Police, the Anti-Terrorist Organization and the Ninth Division to take control of them, accompanied by clashes in these areas,” Lieutenant General Abdulwahab al-Saadi said in a statement to the Journal News.

It is noteworthy that the joint security forces reached the final stage of the process of liberating Mosul armed militants and is close to the liberation of the old city on the right coast.

The process of liberating Mosul with the support of the US-led international coalition forces began on 17 October last year, and the forces were able to regain control of the eastern part of the city, before starting offensive operations on the remaining western part of the organization’s militants.

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi, announced on February 19, the start of the process of liberating the western part of Mosul.