Abadi and Trump discuss ways to eliminate Daesh

The US president has expressed his admiration for the courage of the Iraqi (people)

Baghdad / morning - Discuss the prime minister, Haider al – Abadi, during a telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump, the promotion of bilateral relations between the two countries, and increase efforts to eliminate terrorism, while praised President Trump, the courage of the Iraqi people.

A statement by the Prime Minister ‘s Office, received «morning» that «Abadi received a phone call by US President Donald Trump» adding that «presidents« discussed strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries in various fields, as well as the review of the victories achieved on Daesh and international support for Iraq fight against terrorism ».
The Abadi, according to the statement that «our heroes are making winning streak on Daesh» adding that « the defeat of the terrorist gangs are very close» pointing at the same time « the importance of continuing international support for Iraq».

For his part, he stressed Trump, the need for «continued cooperation between the two countries, especially in the military field» , expressing at the same time «admiration for the courage and the intelligence of the Iraqi people who not have all the love and respect» stressing by saying: «We will eradicate the gangs Daesh inevitably».