Abadi calls for broad market created through cooperation between the public and private sectors


Start Sunday morning, Iraq's Energy Forum under the slogan (federal Iraq towards an effective energy sector and economic diversification).

The Premier said Haidar Abadi during the Forum "Economics News that Iraq is playing a leading role in OPEC by influencing world oil prices and therefore we must create appropriate ground floor for oil and energy sector development in General

We seek to take advantage of every barrel of oil as well as of the burning gas and our work to take advantage of them and we are heading to export gas.

Abbadi noted that we must create opportunities for young people and giving them hope through involvement of the private sector and not to rely on the public sector, indicating that Iraq exposed to wars and confused siege made him miss the evolution of economic systems in other countries

And called for the adoption of alternative and renewable energy and not relying on unilateral rentier economy and open up more investment prospects for developing the energy sector.

The Forum was attended by Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim Al-Juburi, a number of Ministers and members of Parliament, businessmen and economists.