Bushra: Barzani announces the immediate independence of Kurdistan and there is no need even for the referendum

Friday, 31 March 2017 21:49

Because of the knowledge of Barzani and all the people of the Kurdish and even foreign countries the result of the referendum and the opinion of the Kurdish street, which is with the independence of Kurdistan by 100%, and also because of the skepticism of some of the shadowing of Barzani's intentions about independence and their claim that Barzani traded on the issue of independence, Barzani to the friendly countries not to apply the results of the referendum and that only to know the opinion of the people, has decided to Barzani Declaration of independence of the Kurdistan Region on this day without holding the referendum image and originally annexed the province of Kirkuk and Diyala and Mosul to the young Kurdish state and named (Republic of South Korea Democratic Redistan).

Turkey immediately recognized the south of the Kurdistan Democratic Republic and expressed its readiness to cooperate fully with the Kurdish state that Barzani will be its president and their relations very good.

And this is the fate will turn the first of April 2017 World Day of Lies A historic day celebrates the Kurds every year with the establishment of the Kurdish state.