Turkey responds to Barzani: The independence of the region is wrong and increases the conflict of the region

Bertha News Agency 91 2017-03-31

Turkey on Friday expressed its opposition to the Kurdistan Regional Government's bid to hold a referendum on "self-determination", warning of the impact of this move on the region.

"This step is a mistake, especially in light of the fragile situation in Iraq and regional security risks in the fight against the terrorist and the PKK," Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin told a news conference.

Kalin pointed out that Turkey had discussed this issue with the leadership of the Kurdistan region on several occasions in the past and conveyed messages that "disrupting the territorial integrity of Iraq on ethnic and sectarian basis will not be true."

He also warned of "the impact of this indirect step on encouraging different ethnic and sectarian groups to follow the same step of independence and further fuel regional conflicts."

The head of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani said during a meeting with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Thursday that the Kurdistan Regional Government plans to hold a referendum on self-determination as soon as possible, calling on the United Nations to "understand the plans of the region."

For his part, the spokesman of the provincial government Sven Dizaye in an interview with Turkish newspaper "Hurriyet Daily News" plans to vote on secession from Iraq, saying "we must engage in serious dialogue with Baghdad to reach an amicable solution."