A donor conference for the reconstruction of Iraq in Kuwait

2017-03-30 at 16:18

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Government sources revealed in Baghdad Kuwait agreed to organize an international donors conference dedicated to reconstruction of the cities of Northern and Western Iraq, with the participation of about 30 Arab and foreign States, likely contribution of Saudi Arabia and the United States and Britain through the Conference which will establish a Trust Fund for this purpose.

A senior Iraqi official said the Cabinet Secretariat in a press statement followed/news, balances "Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah, approved the Organization of the Conference and invitations to Arabic and foreign countries, and it was agreed that after the battle of Mosul very shortly."

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi, is from Kuwait, called for an Arab and international consensus on Kuwait in the successful organization of such conferences.

He said that the ministerial delegation will leave for Kuwait to arrange the necessary procedures.

Local reports estimated the total losses incurred by the Iraqi cities of Western and Northern Iraq with more than $70 billion, including infrastructure of these cities, such as roads, bridges, dams, power stations, water and sanitation, telecommunications, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, agricultural and livestock sector, as well as other service buildings and institutions of the State that her table by the destruction by terrorist attacks and aerial bombing of the international coalition in fighting directed by ISIS planning of cities.

Towns of Fallujah, Mosul, Ramadi and Tikrit, hweejah and wet white and rock cliff and Peggy largest cities in terms of damage, with some damage to about 80%, but the Iraqi Prime Minister as much as $40 billion loss without loss of material, where citizens count estimates the number of destroyed housing units (houses and apartments) with more than a quarter of a million housing units, between full and partial destruction of another or burn.

The Government finds it very difficult to pay its employees right now, is what makes the reconstruction of those cities and return to her family's nearly 7 million people at Government expense, impossible.

For his part, assured the Iraqi Parliament Member and leader of the Iraqi national Abbas Bayati, Alliance, noting that the donors conference would soon be in the State of Kuwait, and will establish a fund called the Iraq Reconstruction Fund devastating cities, it will oversee Iraq Reconstruction Fund Mustafa HiTi, head over now cities


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