Chest reveals his will to follow.

2017/3/31 13:38

[In Baghdad]

Detect sadrist leader, Muqtada al-Sadr, said Friday about the contents of his will for his followers, a week after announcing the receipt of death threats, calling on them to hold the public and private systems that are planned, and non-infringement.

Sadr said in a statement after writing personal commandment put my hands this administrative overhead, "adding," I feel obliged to all loyal believers met who removed them love worldly hold Mohammedan approach ribcage to continue and maintain this approach.

He added, "I hope to continue what we have planned public and private systems and not to abuse it.".

Sadr, stressed that "all brothers listed in the rules of procedure to continue work in accordance with this system with all controls that support her needy aid us and knew champion the oppressed and against the people of falsehood and their cooperation among themselves and leave aside.