Association of private banks succeed train 521 bank during the first quarter
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Last update 30/03/2017
- 13:59
Announced the Association of private banks, it has developed expertise of 521 employees in private and government banks during the first quarter of this year through eight training courses stay in the capital Baghdad.
The Association of private banks in a press release The Association is keen to develop the banking sector and to strengthen the capacity of workers in it especially in the field of combating money laundering and terrorism adding that "the Association of private banks succeeded in the first quarter of this year the establishment of eight training courses for workers in the banking sector concerning the protection of customers and staff awareness in the construction of the role of banks and stimulate the economy as well as anti-money laundering and the financing of terrorism and risk management
She noted that "the eight sessions held in cooperation with an international company managed through the training of 521 employees in private and government banks and that the coming days will witness the establishment of several training courses for bankers, which will be reflected positively on the banking sector indicating that private banks are very keen on training working on the latest technology used by international banks in order to provide better services to citizens and enhance confidence in banks
He noted that "the Association of Banks will continue its activities to promote and enhance the skills of workers in the banking sector through contract agreements with international companies