An experimental launch to turn the paper ration card into a smart card

Release date: 2017/3/30 17:39 48 times read

(Baghdad: Al Furat News)

The Supreme Committee for the reform of the ration card system announced the launch of the pilot body to reform the ration card system from paper to smart card system in the province of Najaf Al - Ashraf / Freedom, in preparation for circulation in all governorates and in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications.

The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers and the Chairman of the Committee charged with this project Mahdi al-Alaq, according to a statement of the Ministry of Communications received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, "We will start today the launch of the first experience of the smart ration card in the province of Najaf Ashraf as a first experimental step in order to circulate to the rest of Iraq's provinces where this The project to facilitate the processing of the citizen with food items easily and easily and to eliminate the financial corruption. "

Al-Alak called for "the necessity of cooperation of all relevant government institutions to ensure the success of this important vital project in order to alleviate the burden on the citizen."

For his part, General Manager of the General Company for the services of the International Information Network in the Ministry of Communications, Ali Al-Qassab said, "We are pleased to be launched this experience in the province of Najaf, where the Ministry of Communications provided technical support for this project through the provision of private servers contribute significantly to the work This system and today we see this practical experience in the area of ​​freedom. "

He stressed that "this project facilitates the citizen the process of processing food items allocated to him by the Ministry of Commerce."

"The Ministry of Communications is working in addition to this project to transform the administrative systems in all state institutions to electronic systems of the first degree instead of paper, which has become a primitive method."