Central Bank announces bond with one trillion dinar interest rate 8%

30/01/2017 11:30 | Hits: 69


The Central Bank announced that he intended to call a national bond and value trillion dinars (less than one billion dollars) and an interest rate of 8%.

Media Office Manager for Acer Bank Jabar in a statement "trend" I got a copy of it, "the Central Bank is determined to face the second bond offering on behalf of the National Ministry of finance releases with five categories: (100 000, 25 000, 500 000, MTd, and five million dinars) and $ trillion dinars."

"The bonds will be sold 8% interest per year with annual coupons for two years starting from 2/4/2017 in nominal and payable by the Treasury on 2/4/2019.

Jabbar noted that "banks and all citizens purchase orders to the Central Bank directly with bringing color version of the civil status identity," pointing out that he can use those bonds as collateral for loans or credit facilities or any transactions that require collateral, it can be traded in the Iraq market for securities sale and purchase ".