Iraq Announces the list of projects to be funded by the British loan of 12 billion dollars.

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Construction and Housing Ministry and the municipalities, a list of the projects to be financed by the loan, which agreed to grant Britain and worth 12 billion dollars.

The Ministry statement quoted "trend" I got a copy of it, the planning Ministry approved the draft {permanent solution}, Basra water desalination as well as project financing stalled due to the financial crisis within the national budget and the operators will be completed after the approval of the Council of Ministers. "

Britain announced on March 5th to lend Iraq $12 billion.

The Iraqi Cabinet approved its last on 26 July, on the recommendation of the Committee on Economic Affairs, loan agreement, proceed with the British Government 10 billion, forming a Committee to negotiate and submit a draft negotiation to Cabinet Regulation, add to the said Committee of Basra on draft scarcity and water desalination.