Egyptian Foreign Minister Jaafari: We support Iraq's return to prominent stature in the region
Political Since 03.28.2017
at 11:25 (Baghdad time)
BAGHDAD - balances News
Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri assured his counterpart Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Tuesday, on the need to meet the challenges and mitigate the crises facing the region, revealing his visit to Baghdad, stressed the support of Iraq's return to its position in the high-profile Almntqharabah.

A statement from Jaafari's office received / scales News / copy of it, "the last met with Sameh Shukri on the sidelines of the Arab summit meetings in the Dead Sea of ​​the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, was reviewed during the meeting of the Iraqi-Egyptian relations and means of boosting them in the interests of the two brotherly peoples in addition to the development of war against terrorist Daesh gangs, and the victories achieved by the Iraqis in the liberation of their land, and the most prominent issues facing the Arab region. "

He stressed Jaafari during the meeting, according to the statement, that "the Iraqis continue their progress in the war against terrorism," stressing "the keenness of the Iraqi armed forces to protect the innocent civilians who Atakzhm terrorists Daesh human shields", calling on us to "work, and increase the size of the security and intelligence cooperation; to curb the spread of terrorism and eliminate it, noting: cooperation between Baghdad and Cairo is very important; to save the Arab interests, and that Iraq is keen to establish better bilateral relations in various fields, adding: Iraq is ready to make further efforts; Da' M dialogue and to remove obstacles to the preservation of Arab unity, and to spare the region the conflicts that are not in the Arab people's interest, adding: It's time to Proboscis parties to the Arab house, activate common interests and face common dangers, leaving the differences. "

For his part, expressed his thanks for "Egypt's keenness on Iraq's unity, territorial integrity, and blessed Iraqi efforts in the face of terrorism, saying: We support Iraq's return to its place prominent in the Arab region, stressing: We have to work to meet the challenges, and alleviate the crises facing the Arab region, he explained: Egypt and Iraq have a big role in the preservation of Arab interests; as they both cultural depth, historical, political and weight, and we must work to sustain, and the continuation of this cooperation, revealing his visit to Baghdad in the coming period, directed at the time the same to Dr. al-Jaafari invitation to visit ful Majeure, and open more horizons of joint cooperation.