Abadi calls in Arabic Summit to eliminate discrimination, hate speech and heading towards stability {Extender}

2017/3/29 16:31

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Prime Minister Haider Abadi in Arabic Summit to eliminate discrimination, hate speech and media and communication should be supportive of the Arabic peoples unit not offered bonuses and move towards stability, and called for a unified Arab stance toward Iraq's sovereignty overrun and barricaded youth employment of extremism.

Abadi said the Arabic Summit meeting in the Jordanian capital of Oman "meet in Oman today on Allah blessing and praise.

The importance of this Conference of the seriousness and sensitivity of the current conditions facing our States and terrorist challenges Existentialism which require us to cooperate and agree on clear mechanisms to confront and stop the grave repercussions on the future of our unit and security and political and economic stability and coexistence in the region. "

"Our people looking to us today, and we all have to take responsibility and make decisions necessary to end the suffering of our people living in conflict and war, displacement, poverty and hunger, and confirm what we said that terrorism does not exclude any State must therefore collaborate and make every effort to maintain the unity of our Nations and peoples from disintegration and loss, prevent outside interference in internal affairs".

Abadi said "we consider the security situation one and indivisible and could not live any secure State alone, our happiness by freeing our land and expel ISIS is completed only by defeating terrorism in every Arab State facing this threat."

The Arabic League, which brings us to the charters, including work on the principle of preserving and maintaining our independence and non-interference in their affairs to strive for closer cooperation between our countries in political and economic areas. "

Abbadi stressed "must stand here on the importance of strengthening the position of the Arabic League Arab citizen who aspires to serious decisions take effect and confirms the credibility of joint Arab action and help bring the Arab citizen of constant frustration, we must strengthen the trust between the citizen and the Arabic League Foundation and the level of ambition and aspirations".

He said: "we call for stability-oriented as a strategic objective and end differences and disputes and think millions of innocent civilians displaced and migrants and displaced persons from various Arabic countries and dying by drowning across oceans and they flee from the hell of infighting and focus on what serves our present and painted a bright future for our peoples and allowed to live in peace and love at home and opens them hope for a better tomorrow."

Abbadi noted that "our nation's fortunes must guide for construction and the use of advanced technology and building a wide network of economic and commercial relations and raise living standards and improve health and education and environmental services and the eradication of poverty, hunger and underdevelopment."

He pointed out that "young people represent the most productive human resources wealth and actors in Arabic societies, we must pay attention to their problems and work hard on Arab projects to develop and effective use of energy in all areas, and work to create jobs and prevent barricaded youth from being drawn into extremism of all kinds."

Abbadi stressed that "Iraq's position, which is a clear Arabic State University Foundation to constants and major issues and in particular the Palestinian issue, we believe that terrorism and extremism and preoccupation with internal conflicts led to derail things character and wasted efforts and sacrifices and shifting priorities to minor issues."

And called for "a unified Arab stance towards any infringement on national sovereignty for Iraq or any Arab country, and not to allow him as a red line in our relations with States, and to be our relations with all countries based on trust, non-interference and respect for sovereignty, cooperation and mutual interests."

Abadi said that "Iraq unified State than ever without this unity and coherence to what we can liberate our territories and inflicting the biggest defeat by ISIS gang criminal, and our army is welcome to come weitaemn all our people in all provinces and fervent fighters make their lives to rescue civilians from ISIS, Iraq which was torn and one third of its territory under the control of ISIS, was freed and won, and we have fulfilled for our people as we undertook to edit full spandex and territory of ISIS".

He noted that "all Iraqis are involved in achieving these victories, and of different faiths and ethnicities and sects stand together in battle defending their homeland defense is supporting the religious references and religious leaders of all denominations.

And between Abadi "ISIS has falsely claimed that while major scam and lying to defend the Sunnis but actually killed Shiites, Sunnis and Christians, Arabs and Kurds walaizidiin, Turkmen, and included all crimes of the Iraqi spectrum and the destruction of relics and mosques and churches."

"The gangs of ISIS is the subversive project to dismantle our States and societies firstly, to increase the culture of hatred of Arabs and Muslims in other countries of the world, we must pay attention to this chart which chapters are being implemented on the ground, and deal with it."

Abbadi drew that "Iraq for all Iraqis without discrimination, we state that respects religious diversity and religious intellectual, and our constitutional institutions protect this diversity and defending the rights of all Iraqis in accordance with the principle of Justice and equality in rights and duties.

"We paid a heavy price because of the hate and incitement of sectarian, wemantalbh of the Arab brothers to help in eliminating discrimination, hate speech and media and communication to be supportive of our unit and not offered bonuses and instigator of murder and destruction."

"We face terrorism against civilians by car bombs and suicide bombers, the organized crime gangs that break the law and face administrative and financial corruption, welanfrk between terrorism, corruption and organized crime, each complementing the other, and all it represents an enemy and a common challenge."

Abbadi stressed that we work on the rule of law throughout Iraq and confining the weapon but State and eliminate all armed manifestations, with all the difficult challenges and the financial crisis that we faced as a result of a decline in world oil prices has moved the edits and arm our troops as we move to implement {our reform in the political, economic and societal aspects} which at least difficult for other challenges but important strides and we are determined to implement it, however.

He continued by saying "Snider with the help of the international community to implement the programme for displaced persons who fled their towns and to ISIS liberated an integrated programme for restoring stability and services, we invite all Arabic countries to participate in stabilization and reconstruction efforts in those cities which had suffered much damage."

Abbadi noted that "Iraq kissed the new phase b d elimination of ISIS and her expulsion beyond our borders, not Iraq alone but all the Arabic States must cooperate and unite their efforts and exchange of intelligence information to prevent the return of ISIS or spread to other countries."

Stamping Abadi by stating "from here I salute the Iraqi forces of various types and their formation and their continuing progress in Mosul, and I applaud the Gallic sacrifices made by the brave people of Iraq, and I salute the popular crowd and cops and volunteers and local fighters and members of the clans, and salute the spirits of the martyrs, the wounded and their families".

And he addressed summiteers by saying "you look forward to a new era of peace, stability and coexistence, security and economic prosperity of all our Nations and peoples and close cooperation in all areas".