The IMF is discussing boosting tax revenues in Iraq

29-03-2017 10:35 AM

Private sector representatives discussed with a delegation from the International Monetary Fund last approval loan for Iraq, for the payment of outstanding dues for contractors, suppliers and farmers, the Government and ways to solve this problem due to their importance in stabilizing the economy.

He asked the head of the IMF mission to Iraq Christian JAWS in a meeting in Baghdad, about the possibilities that increase State revenues, including activation of direct and indirect taxes, such as those imposed on non-oil products.

He noted that the tariffs "were between 5 and 10 percent, which is not the proper way where customs revenues. He stressed that «change this method for up to 30 percent. He said that «the fastest gains and revenue comes from tax almkelvih unit planning, these big earnings where a traders».

Called JAWS to the hiring freeze until the management development, because a higher proportion of staff in the civil service was a way to please the other and recruited without regard to efficiency, this system will lead to a deficit over the next 10 years.

He stressed the importance of "poor ration support limited», with description of «business environment in Iraq as" more complicated than other States, is slow because of the lack of security and inadequate electricity and not to collect their dues.

And don't overlook the jaws «weak banking sector and the importance of strengthening business through restructuring banker «good» and «blood», and open wide space in front of the private banks with the need for calendar weaknesses and lay the foundations to combat money laundering, as a form of integrity and specialized organizations such as the International Finance Corporation.

Conferees discussed in points that contribute to the upgrading of the economy explained economic expert Ibrahim Al-Baghdadi in the intervention during the meeting that Iraq «began levying tariffs in some Customs resources doubled to more than 30 times, with electricity collection rose 20 times, as the Ministry of electricity power companies fees collection under investment contracts, started to show positive results.

And Student Union President contractors óäçýí, b «launch arrears of transactions examined by the Office of financial supervision.

He pointed out that Union contractors «34 features a contractor, and a large part of their suffering occurs in tax accounting phase, because the tax deduction amounts are reserved to the provinces, tax services seeks to achieve tax accounting».

The researcher stressed the importance of economic alshammari, structures «accelerated implementation of reforms to clear impact on the economy and its support infrastructure enhancement opportunities». She considered that banking reform gateway for entering diverse investments to Iraq.