DHI looking with a Japanese delegation "terms of tourists" and support education add oil.

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Baghdad/Morrow press:

Governor of Thiqar Yahya الناصري٬ Wednesday, putting up infrastructure projects to be implemented within the Japanese loan and activate relations with Japanese universities to promote the educational reality.

Nasseri said, in a statement, "" tomorrow ", the Japanese delegation's visit was ايجابيه٬ we discussed ways to support Japanese companies operating under joint ventures with oil (Lukoil operatorship) that have sophisticated expertise and we benefit from them" adding advertising "we are happy with the fruitful meetings during which we discussed a number of issues, notably infrastructure projects which seek to implement them within the Japanese loan in coordination with the Prime Minister."

He agreed to activate relations with Japanese universities to promote the fact التعليمي٬ and the importance of supporting tourism and attention to والاهوار٬ effects and potential contribution of Japanese companies in terms of tourists and stimulate tourism in Hvar Qar raised. "

On his part, Japanese Embassy Advisor in Iraq sought his companies to work in the oil fields of Dhi Qar.

Kormbia visit Takayoshi said Dhi as an important province لليابان٬ and especially to our companies in the field of Gharraf or exploratory patch 10, with some Japanese companies to enter the QAR to work at other oil fields "advertising" included a visit to see the work at the training centre in the field of Gharraf oil and visiting Japanese experts working in 1963 stating that "under Japanese loan to Iraq was allocated funds for eight projects in the field of electricity across Iraq and get Thi part منه٬ to establish Generating electricity and energy transfer adapters.

The two were (Petronas) of Malaysia (gaibks) won a contract to develop the Gharraf field in Dhi Qar governorate, which includes drilling and development of 11 crude oil production wells in the first phase, to be completed to 240 wells 2020, due to rising output ceiling in Gharraf field during the year to 230 million barrels.

The oil Ministry signed on 7th of November 2012 final contract with Russian company Lukoil Coalition wanbeks Japanese to invest vamp tenth oil licenses tour of discovery 4 that declared them the Ministry, while the QAR oil fields, on Saturday 16 March 2013, launching the first phase of oil exploration in vamp tenth exploratory Dhi Qar and Muthanna by Russian company Lukoil Coalition wanbeks Japanese.