Mesopotamia agrees on granting loans and advances to raise Qar

2017-03-29 at 13:16

Baghdad scales news

Member of the Chamber of deputies confirmed me coracoid process, Wednesday, Rafidain Bank approval on loans and advances Education Directorate staff at Dhi.

She said in a statement issued on the sidelines of the coracoid process meeting with General Director of Rafidain Bank received/balance of news ", the Bank agreed to grant loans and advances to employees of the Education Directorate in Dhi", noting that "during the meeting to discuss ways of promoting banking services".

She stressed the need to "provide facilities for citizens and agreed to grant loans and advances by Rafidain to the Education Directorate in Dhi e-card".

She added it was important settling employee salaries in electronic accounts in order to facilitate the provision of banking services to them, "pointing to" bank stresses the importance of the resettlement of salaries electronically to facilitate procedures for granting loans and other banking services in accordance with legal controls.

She explained that "it was agreed that the Directorate salaries through electronic card from the Rafidain Bank.
She noted that "this step that came after constant attention from the part of maintaining public money and adopt controls and criteria to guarantee justice and transparency to all employees and also to improve banking and actually reach international standards required for the work of the banks".

For his part, General Manager of Rafidain Bank said that "the advantage of electronic banking services mainly serve electronic paydays."