Parliament issued several resolutions on the new episode of Mosul
13:52 pm (Baghdad time)
BAGHDAD - balances News
The Board of Representatives, Tuesday, adopting a set of principles and attitudes that relate to the new incident of Mosul that killed dozens of civilians.

The council said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, that he "believes that talking about the tragedy of the new massacre in Mosul and searched does not mean an absolute reduction of our troops and achievements of the great edits effort, and given the great sacrifices of the martyrs and the wounded, and efforts of professionally in the previous and current operations. "

He called on everyone to "not to hurry to talk about the details of the incident and leave this matter to those specialized in the forefront of the parliamentary committee formed in this regard, which will be adopted in the Investigation of the province of the available information process has from all sides and eyewitnesses and survivors of the Alhadeg to reach the final results in determining the nature of the incident and procedures caused by the parties and causing shortened. "

He added that "the process of liberalization of Nineveh, which is still going on for months, was progressing well and achieved great results with our emphasis on the need to protect the lives of civilians in all circumstances."

And that "believes that the process of liberalization has a goal achieved by specific, clear and drawn in advance means, and logic requires us to reach the goals the right ways, our goal editing rights and the preservation of his life, and progress to catch the new land and the means of these means."

He stressed that "there will be no immunity for any point of intentionally causing the deaths of Iraqis, and will take the judicial authorities on the procedures of the offending whoever is."

He called on the media to "be accurate to talk about any incident that he was in the details or the effects and the lack of wading in not learning, or misleading in interpreting events according to political orientation or information in accordance with the principle of excitement and a head start at the expense of the facts."

He continued, "We should all know that the enemy is fighting in recent days and is subject to a major collapse does not rule out to take malicious means known by broadcasting sedition among the Iraqi people who have united to fight, and at the same time it is important that this enemy does not give an opportunity to get rid of the pressure military operations from investment mistakes that you get here and there. "

He said the right side of Mosul, "a disaster zone, with all that entails this description in the operational aspects of the process of action, especially as the Union of Arab Parliaments, which was held in Rabat last week a draft resolution in solidarity with the connector has been adopted and considered the city a disaster."

He called on the parliament again. "Arab Summit held in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which was launched this day to double support for Iraq in its war against terrorism and increase aid in the humanitarian effort to relieve civilians."

He said the House of Representatives, "the victims of this incident, the martyrs and their families granted all benefits arising therefrom, in addition to the adoption of the treatment of the wounded and injured," ./ ended