Deputy reveals for [where] the reasons for the absence of Kurdish blocs for Abadi meeting
[Where - special]
revealed deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance, on Monday, the reasons for the absence of the Kurdish blocs for the meeting of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi.
Jamal said cougars, told all of Iraq [where] that " the Kurdish blocs did not attend Abadi meeting for several reasons including the claim that its own meeting be discussed in this session appeals paragraphs budget but the prime minister did not respond to the demand , " he said, adding that Abadi consistently refused a session to discuss the budget so you must pay attention to the discussion of all matters relating to the budget under the dome of the House of Representatives because it is the place where it began. "
The Kurdish blocs have reached the conviction that al - Abadi meetings with the political blocs not to discuss and take views but to pass only what he wants where he does not face obstacles in the General Budget Law
He stressed that "the Abadi , taking into account the paragraphs relating to the province of Kurdistan in the general budget and to respond to their request to hold a special session to clarify a number of things adding that " the Kurdish blocs welcomes the position of Abadi and sit down with the heads of Kurdish blocs and it is a positive step Ntmnha him, but he should be responding to the demands of those blocs and not only the answer to his demands and discussions only
He concluded that " the Kurdish blocs will attend all sessions of the House of Representatives and it is legally and nationally committed to attend the meetings pointing out that the Kurdish blocs will participate effectively in future meetings
And the holding of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, on Sunday, a meeting with the political blocs in the presidential palace in Baghdad while four Kurdish blocs were absent from the meeting