The first official reaction to Baghdad on raising the flag of Kurdistan in Kirkuk

By Hearing , Zubair one hour ago

Roudao - Erbil

Suspended the official spokesman for the prime minister, Saad Sabri on the decision of the Kurdistan Regional Government to raise the Kurdish flag on all government departments in the city of Kirkuk.

Sabri said network Roudao media: "We are dealing with this subject on the basis of the Iraqi constitution, which is clear and explicit in this regard, where he identified the powers of the federal government, against the powers of local governments in the provinces that are not Almntizmh in the territory."

He added Sabri: "For the Kurdistan region there are special powers to deal with him, and there is a constitution, a parliament and government in the region, but the provinces outside Alaqilm, including Kirkuk province, subject to constitutional provisions in this regard, and also to provincial law No. 36 of 2008, and the fact that no constitutional provisions nor the provincial law gives authority to any local government to choose the flag that flies over government buildings and facilities therein. "

He said the official spokesman for the prime minister: "Nothing happened previously like this for 14 years in any province, did not discuss this subject at any meeting of the supreme body coordinating meetings of the governorates not organized in the territory, which will hold its meetings periodically and regularly, and attended by government local in the province of Kirkuk,
and therefore this is contrary to the text of the Constitution, as well as the Law of governorates not organized in the territory, which is contrary to the political custom administrative and dealing that has been the case for 14 years. "

He is pointing out that " the flag of the Federal Iraq is the one who raises the buildings and structures of government and official departments in all provinces except the provinces of the Kurdistan Region."

He added: "We consider this to be contrary to the Constitution and contrary to provincial law No. 36 of 2008 , which defined the powers of the federal government and the powers of local governments, and certainly the subject of the official flag is the prerogative of the federal government, nor can any local government may go beyond its powers and to exercise the role is not jurisdiction by virtue of the law and the Constitution regarding the choice of raising the flag on official buildings in that province. "

The Kirkuk Provincial Council voted to lift the Kurdistan flag on government buildings in the province, on Tuesday, while the Arabs and Turkmen members boycotted the meeting.

Edit: Omid Abdul Karim Ibrahim