Oil Minister announces extinguish the last burning wells in the field Qayyarah

39 minutes ago

Twilight News / Oil Minister Jabbarali Allaibi announced on Tuesday extinguish the well 42 in Qayyarah field in Nineveh province which is another blazing wells in Qayyarah oil field north of the country.

The oil minister said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, that the technical and engineering staff and those retaining the oil companies, civil defense and military effort has been able to extinguish the well 42 and to control it fully.

He added that the national cadres proved Jaddaradtha in dealing with fires complex wells great professionalism and managed to extinguish the record time and depending on the facilities available and the available fires wells flaming and without the use of global companies which provided the federal treasury of millions of hard currency appreciating the efforts of all workers in the North Oil Company and oil companies chock civil defense and security forces and the local administration in the district, county and tribal and citizens, stressing the ministry's keenness to speed up the rehabilitation and development of Qayyarah field and put the necessary plans to do so.

For his part, spokesman for the Oil Ministry, Asim Jihad said the oil minister had Auasbetkarim all those who contributed to achieve this national achievement, which came a strong response to the terrorist gangs who wanted to disrupt the economy and development of our country.

Jihad said that the total wells in the field Qayyarah 50 wells, including 34 wells have been damaged as a result of operations Altakrabh terrorist gangs Daesh while fires broke out in 18 of them.