Presidency of the Kurdistan Region transmit 100 file corruption issues to Integrity

one hour ago

Twilight News / Transmitting the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region 0.100 file financial and administrative corruption issues to the Integrity Directorate in the region.

He said the directorate is no secret what constitutes corruption risk to the Kurdistan Region in all its aspects and Aqdath without a difference between them, calling on the rotor and government institutions in the region to expedite the submission of Khovatha financial budgets.

It said in a statement that it is without the help of departments and official institutions in the region can not play duties Almgayh upon itself, expressing her thanks for the presidency of the Kurdistan region to supply the Directorate of the information that is available on the financial and administrative corruption.

Directorate revealed that the presidency of the region referred to last year's 100 Vail regarding financial and administrative corruption to it.