Electricity: the privatization of the energy will liberate citizens from private generators expenses


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Ministry confirmed the electricity, that electricity investment project (the privatization of energy) will free citizen of the restrictions and expenses of amperage, generators and all the suffering of attrition.

According to a ministry statement, he said that "there are those who do not want the good of the homeland and the citizen and trying to distort the project and the Ministry of Electricity promising investment in the distribution sector, taking advantage of the ignorance of the people that matter to pass their lies and their allegations of corrupt achieve this goal."

The statement added, "The project will free citizen of amperage expenses, generators and all the manifestations of suffering and attrition and offers him a service that is offered in both the developed and by pricing issued by the State and currently in force, which will remain working out without any increase, especially the poorer classes and low-income countries of the world," He is stressing that he "is currently being studied to reduce Fares by the Ministry of Electricity and taking into account the status of living weak and limited."

He pointed out that "the increase in pricing will continue on with higher consumption of the rich and Almtervhan with high incomes because they are the target of this project is to determine the consumption and rationalization and in order to reduce their higher consumption," he said. "Excluded thereby processing the surplus to the poor and low-income people and the stability of electricity for 24 hours a day. "

Called upon the ministry, according to the statement, "the citizens not to listen to these rumors and malicious propaganda about the project, which will generate a major leap in the field of electricity and will achieve the dream of a national electricity networks stable and solid power."

The statement, that "the citizen does not bear any financial consequences except for the list of monthly consumption currently in place will remain where bills and electricity bills issued by the Ministry of Electricity nothing to do with the investor entertained."