Rafidain Bank issued an explanation for the settlement of salaries of state employees
Economy News / Baghdad
Rafidain Bank announced that the process of resettlement of government departments staff salaries in the private electronic accounts to receive their monthly salaries be through a special account opened for an employee of the bank and the withdrawal of it by the electronic payment card or receive it in cash from the bank.
The Information Office of the Bank said in a statement received "Economy News", the system seemed to work in Iraq proposal Rafidain Bmkavih Almutnh departments staff salaries Bank by giving them in advance and loans and other services after the creation of a database for all employees in government departments and easy follow-up.
The statement said that the features of this work that resettlement will reduce the risk of transfer of money the employee in cash and give each employee settle his salary a special card salary through which they can to withdraw his salary in any place locally and internationally and the employee complete freedom of deposit, withdrawal, financial and conversion, according to his wish at any time exempt salary Employee of the monthly commissions regular employee (such as low commission balance / account management) and helps the employee to automatic savings and withdraw it needs only.