Iraq's VP calls for dismantling IMIS, continuing battle against ISIS
March 27 2017
12:48 AM
Iraq's Vice President Osama al-Nujaifi said on Sunday that the battle against ISIS terrorist group has to continue after changing its tactics.

In statements, he also called for dismantling IMIS and let its members join the Iraqi army

He asserted that the Iraqi government and international community did not give enough attention to the crisis in Mosul city adding that the authorities did not take military and humanitarian measures needed to solve the crisis

He asserted that human beings are very important and that the only way to reach political stability is via saving Iraqi people who are suffering from the wrong tactics implemented during the battle against ISIS

This comes after more 300 civilians were killed in air strikes on Mosul al-Jadedah neighborhood

Head of Nineveh Provincial Council Bashar al-Kiki announced that 200 civilians were buried under the rubble of the destroyed houses.