Heroes band fifth bar from vulnerable to terrorist isis gangs
Date: 27-03-2017
| Time: 11:59:49 am
Within the fifth band bandit, monitor next class heroes brigade xix, exposed to the elements of ISIS terrorist from the region of the province of saladin, and arrested a number of other areas in diyala province, and the direction of the bandleader above jezzini Akram Saddam Mdnf Vice-Commander Brigadier General Sher increased rashid aziz, the chief of staff of the band several meetings with citizens during their visit to the village of Sheikh Ali and flames. and your grapes, which face the bandleader citizens to cooperate with the military and security agencies to bring social peace And discarding the bad elements, and military operations will end in victory apron and begin another phase of eradicating terrorist factions, wherever their nests. Even the Iraq's full sovereignty over their land

Recently, the heroes of fifth division repulsed attack from ISIS in al Hawi area at Salah Al deen province https://www.mod.mil.iq/index.php?name=News&file=article&sid=5148