Vice announces completion of national reconciliation: Search now for the next phase of the forces involved

one hour ago

BAGHDAD / Tomorrow Press:
A member of the Commission on Reconciliation and Accountability Parliamentary, Mohammed Naji, on Monday, that no reconciliation with those who stained their hands with the blood of Iraqis, pointing out that the reconciliation committee parliamentary working to create a national consensus with the political forces that are part of the government and the political process in the next phase.

Naji said for "Tomorrow 's Press," said that "national reconciliation project has been achieved, and now we are searching for the forces that can be part of the government and the political process in the next stage."

He added that "no reconciliation and dialogue with terrorism and with their hands stained with the blood of Iraqis," adding that "those not for us but to fight with them, to receive their just punishment."

And that "those who committed crimes against Iraqis can not be reconciled with him and can not be any talks with him , " explaining that " the national reconciliation project already achieved, and we are now in the process of finding the forces in all provinces to build a consensus for the next phase."