US general announces new measures in Mosul and al-Jubouri, waving to stop operations

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He said the commander of US forces in the Middle East, Gen. Joseph Votal, said the killing of a large number of civilians in air strikes in Mosul is a terrible tragedy.

Said Votal in a statement that "we are conducting an investigation into the incident to determine exactly what happened, and we continue to take extraordinary measures to avoid hitting civilians."

Votal did not officially acknowledge that the international coalition led by Washington to launch these raids.

Confirmed coalition forces, he directed blows to the sector where the large number of civilians killed in western Mosul.

Iraqi officials and witnesses said the air strikes against terrorists during the past few days led to the deaths of civilians numbering ranges between tens and hundreds, but it was not possible to confirm the outcome of the independent source.

He Votal in his statement that "the battle in Mosul difficult because of the mixing of terrorists to civilians."

"The Iraqi and coalition forces have taken measures to reduce as much as possible the suffering of the population."

And managed more than two hundred thousand people to flee west of Mosul, from a month ago, according to the Iraqi authorities.

The President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, to "stop the possibility of military operations in Mosul, in the event of civilian casualties continued until the development of appropriate plans for the restoration of the city," according to Manglth media Arabiyh.anthy 29 / d 24