Hundreds in Kirkuk protest Muqtada al-Sadr death threats
March 26 2017
10:16 AMKirkuk
Hundreds of Sadrist Movement followers in Kirkuk took to streets in protest to death threats against the movement leader, Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr The Baghdad Post reported on Saturday.

The protesters called upon authorities to shoulder the responsibility of protecting al-Sadr and other national figures

The prominent Shiite cleric asserted in a Friday million-man march in Tahrir Square , downtown Baghdad, that he does not care for death threats against him calling on citizens to complete the reform process even if he was assassinated

The Friday demonstrations focused on Iraq's growing financial and administrative corruption calling for the authorities to adopt a new political reform strategy

He also threatened his trend would boycott the elections in case the higher electoral commission was not changed.

He urged his supporters and all Iraqis to stand by the Iraqi army to recapture all previously ISIS-held territories

We must back the Iraqi army to complete victories we will continue the jihad until we are asked to stop he said, stressing his supporters were always ready to boost the Iraqi army