The trade minister arrives in Amman to attend the Arab Economic and Social Council meetings 03/26/2017 00:29 am (Baghdad time)
Oman balances News
Began in the Jordanian capital Amman, the Economic and Social Council meetings at the level of trade and economy ministers to prepare recommendations* *to the Arab leaders conference held this week at the Dead Sea*
Iraq participates in the Economic and Social Council a government delegation meetings headed by Dr. Salman al-Jumaili, Minister of Commerce and representatives of a number of ministries.
Jumaili said in a press statement in Amman that "Iraq participates in the Amman conference delegation, a government high-level he hopes a serious stand of the Arab brothers especially as it engaged in a fierce war with terrorism, which is in the stages of the declaration of victory last after you have finished editing the city of Mosul, which suffered terrorism Daesh for two years
Jumaili noted that the Arab Economic and Social Council will discuss the developments of the Greater Arab Free Trade Area and the developments of the Arab Customs Union especially the problems relating to rules of origin and detailed, in addition to what has been pursued in investment scientific and technological research, food security and other important projects areas."
He explained that terrorism has not gone unnoticed item on the meeting table where they are discussing the issue of terrorism as one of the challenges that affect the social development through access to the Arab declaration to support the joint Arab action to eliminate terrorism issued by the Arab Ministers of Social Affairs Council."
The conference will also discuss the knowledge-based economy in the Arab countries and looking at the request of Jordan "mechanisms and challenges facing the countries hosting refugees and displaced persons, as was discussed as one of the important issues of concern to Arab countries
This has raised the senior officials of the draft agenda and draft resolutions to the Economic and Social Council meeting at the ministerial level preparatory to the Council of the League of Arab States at the summit level at its twenty-eighth regular